Quality Management

Lunes Structure

Quality – Work Safety - Environment and Value Policy

Quality and Work Safety Policy

  • Architecture, related standards, technical specifications, administrative and regulatory requirements, construction techniques and art, to comply with the occupational safety and earthquake regulations.
  • Use technology products and production follow closely.
  • In time delivery of products to perform as promised.

Environment Policy

  • With our team of experts and our understanding of quality in all the projects we are involved in the protection of environmental values apply world standards.
  • All application activities, to plan to prevent environmental contamination that may occur and to move in this direction.
  • Natural and effective work to create viable habitats for future generations.

Value Policy

  • We have all the resources our customers' needs, in line with expectations and satisfaction of use.
  • The improvement of social living standards and to serve the development.
  • Advanced technology, accurate solution methods, the use of quality materials, meticulous craftsmanship of the melting pot of the same service, apply in all projects.