Lunes Structure

Human Resources

Human Resources staff working in the company, to understand the responsibility of being a member of the team as required by the position in the organizational structure and member edindiril the attitude-behavior patterns related to comply with the spirit of the team which is essential. The staff at every level of the organization as possible on the following issues in the context of a qualified and skilled staff to have taken into account:

  • Extra staff to the personnel recruitment and work to ensure the highest yield;
  • Should perform the duties appropriate to the deployment of qualified personnel, according to their growth and development opportunities for all staff to ensure skills and competencies;
  • Staff respects the people, to ensure the protection of rights relating to personnel matters;
  • Staff encourage achievement, reward, information and improve the manners, empty body element within the team (qualified staff) show the growing efforts and give priority to personnel placement company that grows in these places;
  • Staff, to inform him about issues in a timely manner, views and ideas that will easily improve the communication procedures to notify the relevant levels of government;
  • All with managers, staff developers to create work requests, work environment and ensure the establishment of good human relationships.

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